Encadrements d'étudiant.e.s de licence

FERRERO Julien. 2022. Temporal variations of infections and coinfections in Apodemus sp rodents from French urban parks and forests. CBGP, Montpellier, France

VEITOVA Lucie. 2022. Wildlife Parasitology Techniques and Cell Culture. Munster Technological Institute, Irlande

FERRERO Julien. 2021. Variations of the microbiome of micromammals in two urban parks of Lyon : the influence of phylogeny and environment. CBGP, Montpellier, France

*McCARTHY Laura. 2021. Coronaviruses in irish bats and rodents. Munster Technological Institute, Irlande

GREILICH Sofia, Helsinki, Finlande


Encadrements d'étudiant.e.s de Master

CANET Antoine. Contributions of epidemiological modeling to study rodent management strategies with reciprocal benefits for public health and biodiversity (en préparation), CBGP, Montpellier, France

ESCOBAR Mario. (en préparation), Potsdam, Allemagne

LEHTINEN Veronica. Detection and identification of viruses in small mammals in Ireland (en préparation), Helsinki, Finlande

VALTA Akseli. Automated mini-IFA for Puumala hantavirus serology (en préparation), Helsinki, Finlande

PASCALI Claudia. Helminth community of the pygmy shrew in Ireland (en préparation). Munster Technological Institute, Irlande

DALE Charlie B. Age structure across invasion gradient of bank voles (en préparation). Munster Technological Institute, Irlande

*SGARABOTTO Elena. 2022. Detection and characterization of alpha- and betacoronaviruses circulating in rodents and bats in France in spring 2021, Helsinki, Finlande

HANNE Goris. 2021. The effects of biodiversity on leptospirosis in rodents in contrasting environments. Univ Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgique

HUBERT Marine. 2021. How the transmission of rodent-borne viral diseases is affected by the biodiversity in Antwerp, Belgium. Univ Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgique


* Students involved in research related to Covid19

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